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Affording To Travel - In Your 20s and 30s

Affording To Travel - In Your 20s and 30s "Seriously, you're travelling again? How do you manage to afford it?" I literally get asked this question a few times a week. So here are a few of my @gringosontherun not so secret tips to affording flights, accommodation and eating while on the run.  1. Being Flexible The only way you're going to find cheap flights is to make your travel schedule as flexible as possible. I know this is almost impossible for anyone who has a full time job, so below I've added some avenues to try out when searching for more specific dates. For the most part though consider rethinking the timing of your travel, such as going to...

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Edumacated - A Millennials Guide to Life After University

You just finished university, what a relief right?...  Millennials: What is a millennial?... Well its everyone born before 1994. Crazy fact: In 2011, the total number of Canadians aged 25 to 64 with a university degree: 4,75 million ( In 2014 alone, 7.26 million students graduated from universities in China ( Defining education; Where is the line between being educated and employed, and being “over” educated and unemployed?   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok, lets get started.  A Millennials Guide: How to stand out amongst the noise 1. Networking                Photo: Networking is a key pillar in defining and achieving your success. It's all about who you know and how you utilize the people you know. I don't mean this in a purely selfish...

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